NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man is charged with criminal homicide after being accused of shooting and killing a 41-year-old Jackson man at a South Nashville motel.

It happened on June 1 around 12:10 a.m. at the HomeTowne Studios Nashville on Murfreesboro Pike near Briley Parkway.

Metro police said motel security heard a single gunshot, then found Waymon Green on the sidewalk outside of a room.

Green, a 41-year-old man from Jackson, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to investigators. Witnesses told detectives they saw a man and woman walk away shortly after the gunshot. Surveillance video also shows the man and the woman described by the security guard walking away from the scene.

An arrest warrant states that the victim had a keycard to the room he was found in front of. It also states 46-year-old Charles P. Ewin is now being charged with criminal homicide for the shooting.

A criminal informant provided information to investigators stating that “C-Murda” had shot the victim and it involved a woman named Stephanie Earegood, who has a child by “C-Murda” and was dating the victim.

Detectives familiar with a “C-Murda” provided the name Charles Ewin, as a person known by that name. A search showed Ewin had a history with Earegood.

On Tuesday, Detectives located Earegood and arrested her on an unrelated outstanding warrant. They brought her to police headquarters for an interview. The victim told investigators she and the victim were dating, but she left him because he was abusive to her.

Earegood admitted to renting the room Green was found in front of at the HomeTowne Studios. The warrant states she told investigators she rented the room using an ID she found in order to get away from Green.

Earegood first told investigators she left the hotel before the shooting because she had seen Green driving around the parking lot, looking for her. Earegood later stated she was in the room when she began receiving messages from someone she thought was a “date”.

She said that when she went outside to meet the person, Green jumped on her and pulled out a gun, took her keycard and made her go back into the room where he threatened her.

Earegood stated there was a knock at the door and Green went outside, where she heard an altercation before hearing a gunshot. She said that when she opened the door, she saw a “Boze”, whom she said she knows from the streets. She later admitted to investigators that it was actually “C-Murda”, instead of “Boze”, and that his real name is Charles Ewin.

Earegood stated Ewin is her child’s father and he was there to check on her. Earegood said she and Ewin walked down Murfreesboro Pike, before getting a ride. Earegood described the handgun Ewin had as black.

Detectives located and arrested Ewin on unrelated outstanding warrants. They brought him to headquarters for an interview. Ewin provided a statement to investigators. Ewin first said he was at the HomeTowne Studio earlier that day, with Earegood, but that he left several hours before the shooting. Ewin said he knew the victim and that they had been staying together at the Motel 6, on Stewarts Ferry Pike, until the victim told him he hit Earegood.

Ewin later said he had returned to the HomeTowne Studios to get Earegood and leave. Ewin told investigators he whistled when he got there and Earegood came outside.

Ewin said the victim never came out of the room and he never saw the victim with a weapon. Ewin said he and Earegood began to walk away, saw the security guard outside and heard the gunshot as they continued walking.

Ewin said they never looked back and said he did not shoot Green. He also stated he did not have a gun.

Ewin is charged with criminal homicide and is being held on a $500,000 bond.