KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — If you’re out on the roads these next few days, so are the Tennessee Highway Patrol Troopers and there will be more of them than usual because of Memorial Day weekend.

Some people said Memorial Day weekend is their first time traveling since the pandemic began.

As businesses continue to open up and flights become more accessible, people are eager to make their vacation plans.

“Wasn’t nothing to do at home so we decided to come here and look at the sites,” said Antuan Guerry who’s from Maryland and made a trip to Knoxville with his wife, Antoinette.

Antoinette said “this is the first time we actually traveled since Covid.”

Tyler Raffety is from Knoxville and is excited to now be able to spend some holidays out of town after being stuck in his home last year due to the pandemic,

“Cause of Covid we stayed in East Tennessee and we just did stuff in Knoxville and stuff like that.”

While some people across the county decided to spend their Memorial Day weekend right here in East Tennessee, others are heading to the beach.

“We’ve never been to Knoxville,” said Antuan Guerry. “When we go on vacation it’s like the islands or someplace tropical mainly so this is just something different.”

“We’re doing Dollywood this weekend,” explained Derek Miller whose from Michigan, “That’s probably going to be a big highlight for the kids.”

Raffety said, “things are starting to come back out again, we’re able to do stuff more, so we decided to go to Orange Beach this year.”

As business continue to open, Troopers are expecting travel numbers to go up.

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol our goal is to decrease crashes and fatalities so as always, Memorial Day weekend brings up a high traffic volume time for us,” said Stacey Heatherly with THP.

They’re reminding people that before you hit the road, there are a few things you need to do.

“It starts with buckling up, being prepared for the trip, making sure you know your location in case something does happen to you, there is an emergency or a crash,” said Heatherly. “Make sure you know your vehicle, all your maintenance is up to date on your vehicle before you take off on a trip.”

According to the THP, just this year 62 people died in car crashed, that’s 21 more than last year.

Memorial Day signals the start of summer travel and summer fun but remembers when on the road Heatherly said,

“Do not drive impaired. Make sure that you have a designated driver, watch your speed.”

Last year 12 people were killed in car crash during the Memorial Day weekend alone in Tennessee.