KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Matt Hinkin has been forecasting the weather at WATE 6 On Your Side for twenty-five years.

His commitment to the community means staying on top of severe weather to keep you safe.

It’s hard to forget the blizzard of ’93. Matt stayed at the station for five days straight.

“There is nobody in this business that works harder than Matt Hinkin,” said WATE 6 On Your Side Meteorologist Ken Weathers. “You literally have to make him go home during winter weather or severe weather event.”

Ken also says Matt has been a great friend to him. “He cares about the people he works with. He cares about weather. He cares about East Tennessee.”

WATE 6 On Your Side Anchor Lori Tucker said Matt was working when she first came to WATE 6 On Your Side News 22 years ago.

“The big buzz word all around Knoxville and East Tennessee was ‘Hey Matt what’s the weather?'” says Lori. “Everywhere I went people would ask, ‘Hey Matt what’s the weather?’ and they would laugh. It made people happy.”

Lori says she is proud of Matt being at the station for 25 years.

“He’s going to take you through those wild weather experiences,” said Lori. “He’s going to tell you and he’s going to get it right.”

She says not only is Matt a professional, brilliant scientist and a great meteorlogist, but he’s also a very good friend.

“Each and everyone of us know that he really has an open door policy in the Storm Center,” says WATE 6 On your Side Anchor Kristin Farley. “We come down to him with any problem, from something at home, something at work, from something at school, whatever, and Matt is going to be there to listen and to be a friend.”