MARATHON, Fla. (WBTW) — A message in a bottle sent from Myrtle Beach and dated 1987 was found Monday in Marathon, Florida.

Christopher Nolan found the message in a bottle in his mother’s canal in Marathon, which is in the Florida Keys. At first, he thought it was litter, so he picked it up.

“I just noticed there was a piece of paper in it, so I dug it out,” Nolan said. “I figured nobody would’ve just stuffed it. It looked like a note. It took up the whole bottle. It was rolled up in there. I figured just take it out, and it’s this cool little note.”

There’s not much to the letter, just a note challenging the person who finds it to return it to Zack Williams. Now, Nolan and his family are trying to find Williams.

“I would love to find him, especially since it’s becoming a cool and popular story,” Nolan said.

Nolan said the post is getting a lot of social media attention. Anyone who knows a person by that name can ask about it — and pass it on to Williams or Nexstar’s WBTW news team so he can be tracked down.

The note was dated May 16, 1987 and said:

“Dear person who finds this I want you to try to return it to me my name is Zack Williams and if I’m dead by the time you try to return the [note] just keep it I put it in the ocean at Myrtle Beach SC.”

A Facebook post about the letter made by Nolan’s co-worker Leslee Spade has more than 1,000 shares.