Missing dog returned to Sevierville home after 8 years


A heartwarming reunion eight years in the making. A dog missing since 2011 was just reunited with its owner.

‘Oreo’ was taken from her home several years ago. Her owner thought she would never see the pup again. That was until Sunday night.

Oreo was microchipped, so some good samaritans and a Knox County Animal Control officer where able to track down her owner and get Oreo back home.

“It was definitely a phone call I did not expect to receive at 9 o’clock on a Sunday, but life is crazy and I’m very thankful that I did,” said owner Melissa Dove.

“I knew in my head that it was Oreo but I couldn’t believe it. Like there’s no way that eight years later this dog has finally come back and found its way home,” said her daughter Hannah Maurice.

Oreo’s owners say their pet was taken from their yard back in 2011. They hadn’t seen her since – until Sunday night.

“I have no idea what she’s been through this last 8 years, but I hope that she remembers us as her family and that she knows she’s in a safe place now,” Dove said.

Oreo means a lot to this family. Melissa Dove got her, hoping to train her as a service dog for her special needs daughter who has epilepsy.

Now she says Oreo has a different purpose.

“I think her purpose might be to educate other dog owners how important the chip is,” Dove said.

This family is now checking off day one of a new life with their old friend.

“I can’t wait to just be with her all the time and just have her as a friend again,” Maurice said.

“We love her. We’re just thankful that she’s home and looking forward to the next 9 years together hopefully,” said Dove.

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