KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — While it may seem like there are many mini-sales popping up before we’ve even celebrated Halloween, the question looms, “When is it best to buy? Should you take advantage of the deals or will prices be even lower come Black Friday and Cyber Monday?”

Mary Beth Quirk, the Shopping Editor at Consumer Reports, said the mini sales will keep coming, but the best chance to save the most money will most likely be closer to the Thanksgiving shopping holidays.

“Usually the best sales are going to be on that Black Friday, on Cyber Monday, near the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Quirk.

“We had this second Prime Day basically in October and a lot of the prices on many of the products were as low as they were on Prime Day in July,” she continued. “That’s kind of giving us a prediction that they might go back up again temporarily, prices on some products, but they’ll probably dip back at least to that same low that we saw in October and in July.”

Quirk encouraged people to do their research and shop around a bit, but when it comes to the hot-ticket items, she said people will need to weigh getting a deal or risk the product selling out.

“If there’s something you know will be in high demand, like popular video game consoles, or games, or anything that is a new release, those are going to sell out,” she said. “If you see those things up for sale right now, even if it’s not at a discount, it might be worth getting it because those won’t go on sale usually closer to the holidays, they’ll just become more scarce.”

Quirk’s final tip is to look closely at the different return policies because in some cases people will be able to put money back in their wallets.

“Some retailers will start to issue new holiday policies the closer we get to the holidays,” she said. “For example, Target has already established their policy that if you buy something at Target and then it goes on sale for cheaper anytime between now and Christmas you can actually get that difference back.”