MONROE COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — An East Tennessee community is left in shock after a local woman’s body was discovered in rural Monroe County.

For the past week, members of Chelsie Walker’s community have banded together in hopes of bringing her back home.

“Chelsie was a young woman, she was a wonderful mother, she was a very sweet person, she was kind, she loved dressing up,” said friend Madison White. “She was just authentically herself.”

Picture courtesy of Miranda Waller

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Walker was reported missing on Halloween after she never returned home from work over the weekend. During the next few days, people from across Tennessee shared her story, organized searches and hoped to bring her home.

Unfortunately, one week after Walker was reported missing, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office announced Walker’s body had been found in a rural part of Monroe County.

As Walker’s community works to bring the person or people responsible for her death to justice, they are also working to raise enough money for a proper burial and service.

“We just want to raise money to give her a beautiful headstone, a place where her babies can go see her. It’s important we give them a place to go talk to their their mom, to give her flowers.”

Stephanie Presley, Walker’s friend

A Facebook group that was created during the search for Walker, which is now called “Justice For Chelsie,” is being used to keep community members updated on investigations, donations, and service news.

According to organizer Miranda Waller, a bank account has been created in honor of Walker at the Peoples Bank of East Tennessee. Funds donated to that account are meant to be used to organize a burial service, purchase a headstone and raise money for Walker’s family.

There are also donation jars scattered across Monroe County that will be used to support the family.