MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Some Monroe County parents are frustrated with the number of routes cut for school buses to pick up students. In some areas in the county, no buses are picking up or dropping off their children to and from school.

Instead, they are now having to find ways to do it themselves like Faith Rudder, a mother of four.

“I am taking 45 minutes out every morning and every afternoon to drive over 20 something miles roundtrip,” Rudder said. “I actually do work from home so I do have that luxury and I do have very reasonable bosses, but there’s a point where it becomes a hardship for parents and especially single parents.”

Single parents like Catherine, who asked not to be fully identified, found it to be difficult to manage a job, which may lead to future issues in paying her bills.

“If I have to be at work at 6, my son doesn’t go to school until 9; my daughter is in the high school at 7:45. So, how am I going to be in all those places without missing work?” Catherine said.

Parents have reached out to school leaders about the issue. Rudder said the response she got wasn’t what she was hoping for.

“I was told at that point it is a privilege not a right to have your child ride the bus and I understand that,” Rudder said.

However, there are more parents who are hoping that more can be done.

“We should have the expectation that bus routes should be running or that they should be working on a solution that’s going to help parents, especially in a recession-based economy,” Rudder said. “Parents are outraged, they’re angry and they want answers. They don’t want to be told it’s a ‘me’ problem, they want to be told it’s a community problem, we’re all working to solve.”

Rudder did offer some suggested solutions like allowing parents to drop off their kids earlier or creating a number of mutual spots to pick up and drop off students.

WATE did reach out to the Monroe County School Board to see if they had any plans but did not receive a response at this time.

When looking into the situation before, we received a statement from Sweetwater City Schools Board of Education member Rodney Boruff.

He stated in part quote, “As I have said before, I am prayerful that this will get resolved soon because I am well aware of the stress and anxiety that parents, school officials and bus contractors are going through right now.”