MONROE COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Tellico Plains got hit Tuesday morning with flooding which closed several roads and left some people stranded. 

Dianne Simpson lives in the Big Creek and Cook Hallow area of Tellico Plains. She said they have experienced flooding in the area before but not like this.

“I’ve been up since 11 o’clock because of the storms and I was just watching TV in and out,” she said. “I just started DVRing movies because the channels were going in and out. But something made me come outside and I came up to the front of the house and I looked out here to see how bad the water was. That’s when I noticed that my car was gone.”

Simpson said she immediately called the police department thinking that her car was stolen. She said they were the ones who told her to check back outside to see if her car may have been washed away. 

“It’s way out here in the middle of the trees and so I’ve been up since 11 o’clock dealing with the water and because I’m a school bus driver for Monroe County. I got in contact with them to let them know how bad it was, but I couldn’t get out to run my bus route this morning,” Simpson said.

Simpson says the floodwaters came less than an inch away from getting into her home,

“I could see the headlights from the trees. It calmed down for a little while but then it got bad again because it actually turned the car to where you couldn’t see the headlights,” she said. “I’ve already been over there and took pictures and stuff but the water is still knee-high to where the car is at.” 

She has already been in contact with her landlord and her car insurance company.

“Two years ago, so it got bad but nothing like this,” she said. “This is really bad. I mean when the car was gone it’s what scared me and I knew then how bad the water was but when I came out this morning at daylight, that’s when I realized that the ducking HVAC system all of that outside underneath the house  Is tour completely out.”

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Simpson still has power and water at her house, and she expects it to be a couple of days before a tow truck will be able to get out here to retrieve her car. 

“If you don’t have to get out today don’t get out today because the water is not receding fast,” she advised.