MORGAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — An East Tennessee community is grieving the loss of a beloved high school student who died in a car crash over the weekend.

Zander Guinn, 16, died in a car crash on Aug. 13. The head-on collision took place on Knoxville Highway (State Route 62). MaryAnn Saylor, Guinn’s aunt, heard the news on Sunday.

“We woke up to a phone call saying Zander had been in a car wreck. When we hung up I went and told the other kids,” Saylor said.

“I just felt like at any moment they were going to call back and be like ‘Oh, we’re just kidding,'” Kendra Massey, Guinn’s cousin, said.

Saylor describes Guinn as having a heart of gold, saying he was loving, caring and generous. Massey also described him as caring.

“He was very loyal, very kind-hearted, compassionate,” Massey said. “He would give his shirt off his back for anybody.”

The high school junior was a student-athlete.

“He was always playing sports,” Massey said. “I’d come over, he’d be like ‘let’s play basketball,’ or ‘let’s throw the football,’ or ‘let’s go jump into the pool.'”

When he was not tossing a ball around, Guinn also enjoyed fishing in his free time.

“The night before he passed away, he went catfishing with his friends and caught his first catfish,” Massey said.

The unimaginable tragedy has the family unsure of what is next.

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“It’s going to be hard. His parents are just absolutely devastated, we all are,” Saylor said.

The family is grateful for the support from the community.

“We’re actually blown away by all the love and support that we got from not only Sunbright, but Claxton, Clinton, all surrounding communities are really coming together,” Saylor said.