JACKSBORO (WATE) – Former Lafollette Middle School teacher Lonnie Vann who has been charged with the murder and kidnapping of Rhonda Daugherty had a court date Monday for earlier charges of solicitation of a minor, sexual battery by an authority figure, tampering with evidence and assault for his alleged inappropriate conduct with a student in 2013.

Vann’s attorney James Bell said Monday he was originally hired by Vann for the solicitation of a minor charge. Bell wants off the case and for all the charges Vann has picked up to be handled by a public defender at the District Attorney’s office in Campbell County.

At the status hearing in Campbell County, Lonnie Vann’s attorney filed a motion to withdraw from the case. Vann was not in court Monday but the alleged victim’s mother was.

The 13-year-old’s mother says combining the murder charges with the sexual battery charges take away from the crime that occurred to her daughter.

The teen’s mother went to court hoping for a different outcome. WATE 6 On Your Side isn’t using her name or showing her face to protect the alleged victim’s identity.

“I’m so angry and hurt. I’m so tired,” said the teen’s mother.

She wants her daughter’s case to be heard separately from the homicide charges Vann now faces.

“They are trying to hear all the cases together which is not right. He should pay for what he did to her individually,” said the alleged victim’s mother.

In October of 2013 she says Vann was her 13 year old daughter’s teacher and the deacon of her church. She says Vann took her daughter out of class and to the church telling her they were going to pick up candy. This is where the alleged inappropriate contact occurred.

“When it was all over he told her not to say anything to anybody because if she did he would kill himself,” said the girl’s mother.

According to the mother, when her daughter went back to school she was crying. A teacher asked what happened and authorities were called.

There was an investigation and Vann was charged with solicitation of a minor, sexual battery by an authority figure, tampering with evidence and assault.

He was suspended by the school system without pay.

“I was horrified. I didn’t know what to think that was someone I taught my daughter to trust,” said the girl’s mother.

Vann is also charged with the murder and kidnapping of Rhonda Daugherty. She was last seen at her home in the Coolidge area of Campbell County back in December.

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Daugherty’s body has not yet been found. Rhonda Daugherty was her daughter’s Sunday school teacher. She says her 13 year old daughter is trying to learn how to trust again along with coping with the loss of losing Daugherty, her mentor.

“Oh God I pray every day that she can get through this but she’s not going to get through it unless there’s justice done,” said the girl’s mother.

According to Vann’s attorney the judge did not appoint Vann a public defender Monday. The charges have not yet been combined. The judge is waiting to check if Vann qualifies for a public defender before making a decision.

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Bell says he believes one attorney should handle all of Vann’s charges and that a public defender will take the case.

Vann’s next court date for murder charges is set for April 13, 2015.