Murfreesboro man mysteriously murdered days after his mother’s death


Murfreesboro Police are still hard at work 25 years into the murder investigation of 64-year-old Gordon Kent, who was killed just days after his mother died.  

The investigation began on February 13, 1996, after Kent didn’t answer his door for a friend.  

“Officers obtained a key from the landlord. They made entry into the residence where they found Mr. Kent lying in bed. Mr. Kent had been beaten to death,” said Sgt. James Abbott, supervisor over Crimes Against Persons for the Murfreesboro Police Department.  

Law enforcement believes his mother’s passing and will led to an extreme case of greed.  

“It was also learned during the investigation that she had changed her will just a few years ago to give Mr. Kent the estate,” Sgt. Abbott said.  “Prior to that, other family members were expecting the estate themselves.”   

When it came to the investigation, detectives said some people they interviewed weren’t exactly forthcoming with what they knew.  

“Some of those individuals have come forward and have admitted they have lied during the initial investigation,” Sgt. Abbott said. “So much so, that we do have a suspect identified in that case. We believe it’s going to be a family member who was involved in that homicide.” 

Gordon Kent, Unsolved
Photo courtesy of Murfreesboro Police Department

Kent left behind two grown daughters who currently live out of state. They still hope for justice each day.  

“I mean they don’t understand sometimes why it takes so long, but in other ways they do understand it,” Sgt. Abbott said. “They understand that there were quite a few lies and misinformation given in the initial investigation to police, so that makes it even that much more difficult for us when we do go to court, if we do charge anyone and go to court.” 

A move detectives said they only get one shot at, which is the reason it’s so important they have all their facts right before charging someone in this case.  

Detectives said they are looking for one or two more people to come forward with information before moving forward with charging the suspect they’ve identified.

If the case does go to trial, they now need even more corroboration of the facts after the false information that given during the initial interviews.

Tips can be submitted to the Murfreesboro Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at 615-893-2717.

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