KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A 4-year-old girl will spend another night at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Mya Watson was struck by what police believe was a stray bullet.

Officers say the little girl was shot early Sunday morning at a home on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

Watson’s mother Cherelle Perkins said the bullet hit Mya’s hip bone, shattered it and came out her back. Still, her baby is alive – and for that, she is thankful.

“I’m just thankful I’m not one of those mothers that’s having to bury my baby – which it could have turned out like that,” Perkins said. “That’s horrible.”

Perkins says Mya was sleeping at her cousin’s house on Saturday night. A little after midnight, she got a terrifying phone call: a bullet had gone through the window and her daughter was hit.

“I didn’t know if she was alive,” Perkins said of her daughter. “I didn’t know, she could have been paralyzed, or if the bullet was still in her. She kept saying I want to get up, I couldn’t let her even move because we didn’t know if it was still in her.

“Being a mother and getting that phone call and then going and seeing your baby laying there with a bullet hole in her. That’s something no mother ever wants to experience. My absolute worst nightmare.”

Perkins is still processing what happened and trying to stay strong, but she’s able to tell her daughter is traumatized.

Still, she knows it could have been even worse.

“It missed all of her intestines, luckily it didn’t damage anything internally. Just her bone got fractured and then she has the two wounds from the bullet,” Perkins said.

Now, Mya’s mother wants justice. She is hoping anyone who might know something, says something.

“This is an innocent four-year-old,” Perkins said. “She should not have to be going through this because of someone’s stray bullet. I just want somebody to say something, before it happens to somebody else’s kid.”

Perkins is expecting Mya will be able to leave the hospital Wednesday morning.

You can leave an anonymous tip with the East Tennessee Valley Crimestoppers by calling 865-215-7165. Remember, if your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.