Nashville woman loses nearly $1K in Grandparents scam


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Michelle Shoemake says her mother got a phone call that scammed her out of hundreds of dollars.

“She had received a call from someone saying it was my nephew, her grandson, saying that he was in jail,” Shoemake said.

“I just need you to send me some money to get out.”

The caller knew personal information.

“He said his name was Cameron,” she said. “My nephew’s name is Cameron.”

Shoemake says the caller claimed to be in jail after being pulled over for a traffic ticket and needed bail money.

“It was 900 and some dollars,” Shoemake said.

Her mother sent the money.

“She had to go to a Western Union and send it that way,” she said. “They told her instructions on how to do it.”

Hours later, she got another call.

“Well they got that money but they need some more because they won’t let me out now,” Shoemake said her mother was told.

Shoemake says that’s when her mother realized she had been scammed.

“That’s something that happens quite often, unfortunately,” she said.

Shoemake tracks scams for a living with the Better Business Bureau and says the Grandparent Scam fools lots of people.

“If she had just called my nephew or called my brother, they would have said no, that’s not true,” she said.

Shoemake says besides calling the person claiming to need help, the best response is no response.

“I would immediately just hang up,” Shoemake. “I would also report it.”


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