Children seek justice after witnessing cat being thrown from bridge


MOORESBURG, Tenn. (WJHL) — Three children in Tennessee are taking a stand against animal cruelty after they say they witnessed two men throw a cat over a bridge to die. 

The trio says they were walking along a road in Hawkins County when they saw a car stop in the street.

“You could hear it slam on its brakes down the road and you could hear the cat meowing really loud,” says Shamia Chapman. 

That’s when the kids say they saw the men tie rope and a rock around the cat’s neck, then throw it over the bridge into the water below. 

The kids say they ran from the road to the underside of the bridge to try and save the cat’s life.

“I’m saying to myself we should have got here faster than we did and we could have had more time to save it than we did,” says Chapman. 

They say the cat had already died when they pulled it from the water. They believe it had also been beaten and tortured. 

“They should get in big trouble for it,” says Chapman. 

After the incident, a post on social media sparked a lot of reaction from the community. 

They hope by sharing this story they can help expose animal cruelty and bring an end to it in Hawkins County. 

“Animal cruelty is happening right now as we speak to another animal on this earth and nobody knows about it,” says Amber Marshall. 

“If you don’t want an animal don’t get one instead of abusing it. Give it to someone who wants it and can take care of it,” says Chapman. 

The kids say they want to bring about some justice for the cat — and they have one hope:

“That they catch the people who did this and they get what they deserve for doing this. They should get in trouble for doing this because it’s animal cruelty and they should not have done it.” 

WJHL reached out to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office about this case, Sheriff Ronnie Lawson says the department is looking into it and will try to speak to witnesses. 

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