Daughter of ‘BTK killer’ speaks in 20/20 documentary


The daughter of one of America’s most notorious serial killers, Dennis Rader, who was known as the BTK killer is now speaking out. 

Rader tortured and murdered ten people in Wichita, Kansas. He then sent police and local media a letter detailing his crimes. Rader led a double life as a husband, father of two children, president of his local church and boy scout leader. 

After Radar killed his last victim in 1991, he went quiet for over a decade. He was ultimately arrested in 2005 and pled guilty. 

He is currently serving ten consecutive life sentences.  

When asked if she or her mom had any clue he was doing anything criminal, Rader’s daughter Kerri Rawson said, “No, my mom and I both said if we had had an inkling that my father had harmed anyone. let alone murdered anyone, Let alone 10, we would have gone screaming out that door to the police station.”

You can watch the 20/20 special “My father BTK” tonight at 9 p.m. on WATE 6 On Your Side. 

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