MAP: Your state’s most Googled ‘Should I’ question of 2018

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Should I move? Should I vote? Should I diet? Should I apologize? 

A colorful data-driven map published earlier this month by AT&T’s All Home Connections gives a visual aid for each state’s most-Googled “Should I” questions of 2018. 

The data was collected via Google Trends to create the map. All Home Connections says that it found that most states are curious about health, appearance, life decisions, and whether or not they should care. 

Tennessee’s most-Googled “Should I” question: “Should I … diet?” 

In the Volunteer State’s neighboring states, the Googling trends also center on appearance, with “Should I” questions trending on losing weight (Kentucky and Mississippi), fasting (Arkansas) cutting hair (North Carolina), taking vitamins (Alabama); while in Georgia, the most-Googled “Should I” question was about texting “him.” 

Meanwhile, South Carolina’s most-Googled “Should I” question had nothing to do with self-care or the love life – those in the Palmetto State wondered about moving; much like California, Hawaii, Utah and Colorado. 

No word on what other commonalities these five states’ residents have that could be the root of their shared most-Googled “Should I” question. 

The full list and methodology can be found on AT&T’s All Home Connections webpage

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