New Netflix, iTunes scam could leave you broke


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A new scam is targeting both Netflix and iTunes users into giving up your banking information through a fake login.

Here’s how both of the online scams work.

First, a fake email that appears to be official will pop up in your inbox associated with your online account. The scheme claims there is a problem with your account.

The Netflix one says your account has been deactivated and asks you to click on a fake Netflix link to enter payment details, reinstating the account. The iTunes one claims someone is making unauthorized purchases from your account and asks you to type in your iTunes login to fix it.

Your username and password are then saved into the scammer’s database and they can access your payment info by logging in as you.

The iTunes email reportedly comes from a support address and the Netflix email comes from an order confirmation address.

But, remember, these fishing scams can pop up for any online company, so always double check to verify the page your logging into is the official site.

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