The Super Bowl is now less than two weeks away. No matter if you are cheering for the Patriots or the Eagles, the commercials will attract as much attention as the game itself. 

According to Rick Laney, of Rick Laney Advertising, ads are selling for this year’s super bowl, but advertising is a bit more complicated than usual. Advertisers want to leave a memorable impression, but in a polarized climate, that can be dangerous for companies.

NFL players taking a knee during national anthem has been controversial and drawn protest from both those who support the players and those who oppose the players. In fact, NFL is down 5 percent this year, possibly because of protests.

In recent years, companies including 84 Lumber, GoDaddy and Nationwide went political with their ads and were sharply criticized. Companies face overwhelming scrutiny if they take a stand on an issue.

Super Bowl LII airs on Sunday, Feb. 4 at 6:30 p.m. on NBC.