Teen nearly killed by barbed wire along ATV trail


CAMDEN, Ark. — A South Arkansas teen is recovering after getting tangled in barbed wire hidden along a trail where he was driving a 4-wheeler.

Walking slowly along the Camden trail Sunday, Dakoda Cartwright looked for signs of the wire that left a gash in his neck.

“I’m blessed that I’m still here. I would have bled out right there.” Cartwright said. “You just couldn’t see it. It was at the perfect height to hit someone in the neck.”

The wire has been cleared out in the week since the 16-year-old unknowingly drove his ATV into a dangerous situation.

“It came off that big tree and just wrapped around my neck,” he said. “All I remember feeling was it like grabbing my neck and yanking me.”

It took doctors 35 staples to close up the gash, which any deeper, could have been deadly. 

“He [the doctor] said that’s the most staples he ever put in someone’s neck before,” Cartwright added. 

The wire was strung at the entrance to the trail along a county road. Cartwright believes it was left by hunters, but he says it should have been marked with flags or a sign so no one would be injured. 

“At least just mark it where we can see it,” he said. 

The trail runs down private property which Cartwright says the owner lets him use, but he says even the owner didn’t know the wire was put there. 

Even with the wire gone, the teen says he’ll steer clear of the trail since he doesn’t need any more reminders of what happened.

“There’s going to be a bad scar there for the rest of my life,” he said. “It’s just a story. Another story, another scar.”

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