TSA releases Top 10 unusual checkpoint finds of 2018


The Transportation Security Administration is sharing its “Top 10 Most Unusual Finds of 2018” on its website and they’re not kidding about the “unusual” part.

“Every day, TSA officers discover a wide range of strange, weird and dangerous items at security screening checkpoints,” the website video states.

The prohibited items range from a battle axe, a crossbow, a switchblade, a live snake, a large kitchen knife, what appears to be dynamite connected to an 80s-era alarm clock, grenades painted with tuxedos, giant scissors, an inert mortar round….and, a fairly authentic-looking Freddy Krueger glove, as in the murderous villain from the 1984 film, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”… good looking out, TSA. 

To view the video yourself, click here. 

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