WATCH: Passenger caught on camera attacking Lyft driver


NEW YORK, NY (CNN NEWSOURCE) – A Lyft driver in New York says he was scared for his life, after a passenger attacked him in his car.

The entire incident was caught on the vehicle’s dash cam last week.

In the footage, you can see 36-year-old Lyft driver Eduardo Madiedo driving a passenger in Woodside Queens Thursday around 6 p.m.

He says the man was moaning in pain and resting in the backseat on their way to Mount Sinai Hospital.

He slowly takes his sweatshirt off then asks Madiedo to speed up.

When the driver said he couldn’t because of traffic near 33rd Street and 31st Avenue in Astoria, the suspect got angry.

You then see Madiedo get punched multiple times, losing his glasses as he continues to drive, somehow able to keep control of the car until he pulls over.

The suspect then ran off and Madiedo called police.

“He started hitting me in the back of head full force here and on top,” Madiedo said. “Basically I was scared for my life. It was just a surreal moment where you’re living outside of your body and I just wanted it over with.”

Police are still looking for the passenger.

Madiedo says he’s not sure if he will keep working as a driver.

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