Would you let your child use Uber? Turns out, they can’t


It’s a tricky time of year for parents. School is out and children are in the house, often needing a ride somewhere. 

But, if mom and dad are both working, who will take the kids where they need to go? 

Some parents say they rely on ride-sharing service, Uber.

However, what moms and dads may not know is that company policy for Uber is that drivers cannot transport minors.

In fact, drivers tell us when someone gets in their car, they’re allowed to ask for an ID. If that person is under age, then the trip is a no go for the passenger.

“As a parent, would you be okay with your child getting into the car with a stranger? Any parent should be freaked out about that, Uber or not,” said one driver. 

Isabella, who did not want to share her last name, is a mother. When she gets behind the wheel, she’s got two top priorities when driving for Uber – safety and following company rules, including no customers under 18.

She wants passengers and parents to understand this policy. 

“I will not accept anyone under the age of 18. If you look like that, and you cannot provide a form of ID, I will cancel. I’m not willing to take the risk,” she said. 

As a mom, Isabella knows all too well the struggles of parenting and juggling schedules. She also happens to be married to another Uber driver. 

She admits it’s tough for working parents. But, she also says she is not willing to break the rules. 

At the same time, she knows she could get a bad rating if she cancels a ride.

“You know, we’re paying to for that. It rings our cancellations rate up and as far as Uber is concerned, when they look at that, it goes against us as drivers,” she explained.

As for other parents, many say they would not be willing to put their child into an Uber simply because there is a stranger behind the wheel, and the cargo that person would be carrying is just too precious. 

“I wouldn’t risk it. My children mean too much to me,” said Corey Center, a father of three.

This working dad understands the temptation to use Uber for transportation when it comes to children.

But, ultimately, he wouldn’t try it.

“It’s a constant struggle. I could see why people would do it, I just don’t think it would be a good idea.” 

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