Pet owners listen up!  There are concerns over a fairly new disease that affects mostly dogs and if not treated properly it could affect their respiratory system.

Veterinarians aren’t overly concerned, but they want dog owners to be aware of the symptoms.  

Moxie is a playful two year old golden-doodle, who belongs to Nicole Jellema.

“She is just like part of our family,” Jellema said. 

That’s why Moxie gets the best care possible. 

“Yep, whatever she needs, today she got a haircut that’s important,” Jellema said. 

It’s also important for dog owners to be aware of CIV or Canine Influenza Virus, commonly known as the dog flu.  

“It’s fairly new to the United States, it can show up as respiratory systems primarily,” Veterinarian Jen Bosch at Horizon Pet Care said.  

Veterinarian Jen Bosch at Horizon Pet Care in Brandon, who sometimes brings her own dog to work, two year old Nala, says symptoms include coughing, nasal discharge, fever, even loss of appetite.  If your dog has these symptoms, Bosch says the good news is they can be treated with antibiotics. 

Pet owners can also vaccinate against the dog flu.   

“But knowing it’s an influenza virus, just like humans with the flu vaccine, different strains have the possibility of developing and different strains have the possibility of infecting that’s not in the vaccine,” Bosch said. 

Dog flu can progress to a more severe or even life-threatening condition, such as pneumonia.

“That is pretty concerning that’s the first I’ve heard about it,” Jellema said. 

Humans can’t get the flu from their dogs, but it is very contagious. Visiting doggie day cares, dog parks, groomers, boarding facilities and dog shows can place dogs at a higher risk of contracting it.