HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) – Temporary work to repair a sinkhole in a Hudson neighborhood has wrapped up for the evening after neighbors discover a sinkhole nearly 50 feet wide underneath the driveway and garage of a home on Mediterranean Court.

“A neighbor did call fire rescue around 6 this morning and reported that the sinkhole had become much bigger,” said Pasco County Emergency Management Director Kevin Guthrie. Crews got to work less than 8 hours later on the hole.

“The company that is here doing the work actually did work on this house back in 2009, when it was declared a sinkhole. So they did some temporary work. This house has changed ownership several times but this particular homeowner who’s been very responsive to pick up and get moving with this repair,” added Guthrie.

The home was a duplex that property records show was last sold in 2015. That was the third sale since 2010.

The hole grew to 50 feet wide and 6 feet deep at its height. Inside the hole was a huge pool of watery mud that was splashing around.

“We had a pretty exhaustive downpour here and we probably had about a half of an inch of rain fall for a sinkhole that is the worst thing you can have is rain. By them getting in here especially with all the rain we have had in the past week combined with just afternoon thunderstorms, I’m very appreciative of this family for getting stuff done as quickly as they are,” said Guthrie who said the fast work prevented further damage. One home did have a crack in its drive way.

Friday afternoon the hole was filled with fine sand which is a temporary fix. More permanent work will be done in the coming days.

“Our response protocol is 100 feet. We notified people within 100 feet that we recommend that they evacuate. It’s not a required evacuation, it’s only a recommended evacuation and in this case, everybody that was there the homes, we did not make contact with anybody,” added Guthrie.