NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An estimated 1,600 Americans remain listed as unaccounted for from the Vietnam War and nearly 50 of them are from Tennessee.

James Bennett Conway of Franklin

The Army special forces captain’s patrol came under enemy attack in south Vietnam in 1966. The military reports Conway was killed but he is still listed as unaccounted for because his remains have never been recovered.

Larry Cotten of Nashville

Cotten vanished in March of 1970 as the Air Force lieutenant’s F-4 Phantom was shot down over Laos. The plane’s wreckage was found but there was no sign of Cotten.

Joe Lynn Delong of McMinnville

Delong was captured after his Army unit came under attack in May 1967. Other Americans said he was killed while trying to escape but his remains have never been found.

Donald Peter Gervais of Clarksville

Army Master Sergeant Gervais vanished in May 1968 after the helicopter was on board went down in a ravine. Enemy troops surrounded the area and attempts to locate him were unsuccessful.

Dwight Amos Bremmer of Oakland

Bremmer went missing in December 1971 as the airplane he was on crashed in the water near Da Nang. Crews searched for three days but there was no sign of Bremmer or the five others on board.