RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The state of North Carolina is sending two Red Cross volunteers to Kentucky to help with tornado and storm relief, CBS 17 learned Sunday morning.

Following the largest tornado devastation that spanned at least 200 miles across Kentucky Friday and Saturday, which has now killed at least 70 people, the Eastern North Carolina Regional Communications Director, Cally Edwards, confirmed two members from the NC Red Cross Chapter will deploy to the state on Monday.

“Mike Thompson of New Hanover County will be deploying on (Monday) to Kentucky to assist with tornado response,” Edwards said. “Mike will serve as a government operations liaison to serve as a Red Cross representative working with community partners in county emergency operations centers.”

Edwards also said a second volunteer from Franklin County, who she did not name, is also deploying but did not identify him or her.

In total, the American Red Cross Eastern North Carolina Region has two volunteers deploying at this time.

Originally, Raleigh’s American Red Cross Regional Executive Director, Barry Porter, said as of Saturday afternoon that no one from any North Carolina Red Cross unit would be headed to Kentucky. However, that could change depending on the state’s need.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency for all of Kentucky on Saturday and held multiple press conferences since the early a.m. hours yesterday. He also drafted and sent a letter to President Joe Biden requesting help and aid.

“One tornado struck the City of Mayfield which is reporting major damages to public facilities, businesses and residences,” Beshear’s letter said. “It is reported that a Graves County factory has collapsed, trapping workers and we believe there are at least 50 fatalities.”