New Seymour medical spa plans to open amid setbacks due to coronavirus


SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WATE)- A new medical spa is planning on opening soon, although when relies on what happens with the coronavirus.

Vitality Wellness Spa was originally scheduled to open April 1, but according to Marketing Director Adrienne Hardin, the coronavirus delayed those plans.

Hardin said COVID-19 might have delayed everything for the spa, but it isn’t stopping the business from opening.

“We’ve just had to roll with it, and that’s what this has all taught us; that sometimes plans just do not work out. But now that we’re just a few weeks away it’s just going to be an entirely different scenario that we’re working with,” Hardin said.

Besides the fact that a medical spa isn’t considered an essential service under stay-at-home orders, Hardin said they have come across other issues delaying the open.

“It’s been interesting how some of these supplies are just not available. It’s been a shipping issue, they’ve been, locally, they’ve been out of a lot of things because other people are working on their homes. Contractors are very busy that are essential,” Hardin said.

Vitality Wellness Spa will coincidentally be located in an office that used to be Moore Contracting, so the spa was lucky to have available contractors close to work with.

While the team was waiting for the contractors to finish and the stay-at-home order lifted, Hardin said staff kept busy.

“We work during the day, on helping the business get going, and then we read and we study a lot in the evenings,” Hardin said.

She said the staff has been studying up on all the new medical spa services they can offer, as well as paying attention to what local leaders are asking for, for when the economy reopens.

“The gloves, masks, all of those things will be in every room. The gloves are something worn by the nurse practitioners automatically in any type of injections that are performed, and those type of things anyway, you (were) going to see that prior to what’s gone on with the virus,” Hardin said.

Hardin said when Vitality Wellness does open, which she hopes will be at the beginning of May, the spa will offer all services but limit the number of clients inside at once.

The spa will offer services such as cool sculpting, massages, Botox, B-12 injections, facials and a lot more. Hardin said they will have every spa service that doesn’t include hair and nails.

Vitality Wellness Spa also has the benefit of partnering with the family doctor office Solace Health Professionals.

“We are spearheaded by a physician as well as two great nurse practitioners, and that’s the nice thing about when you come in. You know that you’re under the guidance of medical (care). …The nurse practitioners will be our guardian angels here and they’re going to watch over your blood pressure and any medication,” Hardin said.

Hardin said she has been asked why they haven’t decided to postpone the opening until everything with COVID-19 has settled, and she said it’s because the owners know there is a need and want for a medical spa in the community.

“This business was named Vitality Wellness long before (COVID-19) happened. So, the wellness aspect of this has never been any truer than right now. I think people will be searching for a wellness aspect of a business,” Hardin said.

She said that’s probably especially true for those battling on the front lines of the pandemic, as well as those whose livelihoods have changed since the stay-at-home orders were given, such as teachers.

That’s why Vitality Wellness Spa will start their soft opening with teachers.

“They’ve been home, not only with their own families for the first time teaching, but they’ve also helped our children; working with them at night, during the day and online. So, we’re going to have staggered teacher events during the entire week and celebrate taking care of them and thanking them,” Hardin said.

She said that Vitality Wellness Spa services will be made available mostly by appointment only, especially at first.

Although the spa isn’t open currently, Hardin said they are starting to offer gift cards for Mother’s Day.

Hardin said she hopes the community will be willing to support them once the spa is open, as well as other local businesses in the community.

“There will not be any reason to go and spend money online when people in your community will finally have been able to open back up, because we’re all essential. We should all be essential to each other when our government allows us to open back up. We’re going to need each other,” she said.


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