New York Police shoot dog


NEW YORK (WCBS) – “It’s like a tearing feeling inside that I feel every day when I open that door and I see that in my head. Him just lying there, twitching.” Yvonne Rosado told New York station WCBS when she recalled a horrible incident involving a police officer that suddenly tore her beloved dog, Spike, abruptly out of her life.

A neighbor in Rosado’s Bronx neighborhood had called police for an unrelated issue, and officers knocked on her door to ask some questions. That’s when it happened. Spike the pit bull slipped out the front door to greet the officer, tail wagging.

“When I realized that it was an officer in front of the door, I said, ‘He’s friendly! He’s friendly!'” Rosado recalls. Her cries seemed not to phase the officer because that’s when he pulled out his gun.

A surveillance camera caught video of Spike running out the door, then the officer pulled his gun and shot the dog at point blank range.

Rosado ran out of her apartment in the early morning hour to help Spike, still in her underwear.

“He was still wagging his tail while he was dying,” she said. “It’s the worst thing.”

Rosado was very upset over the incident, and then officers took her down, pinning her to a stair well. Three men jumped on top of her while she was still in her undergarments, the force of the impact leaving her back black and blue.

“I want the officer to be disciplined for what he did to my beloved because he took something away, a family member,” Rosado said.

She says she has been traumatized by the incident, and is seeking help from a lawyer. The NYPD has not released the name of the officer who fired the shot, but said the incident is being reviewed by the Force Investigation Division.

The NYPD’s Annual Firearms report states, “Police officers shall not discharge their firearms at a dog or other animal except to protect themselves or another person from physical injury and there is no other reasonable means to eliminate the threat.”

Nine dogs were intentionally and fatally killed by NYPD officers in 2014, according to the department’s 2014 annual firearms report.

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