KNOXVILLE (WATE) – If you’re excited to hit the snow but left your sled elsewhere, here are some ideas for alternatives. Some of them work better when the slopes are icy and smooth.

1. Make your own sled

This Instructables page shows you how to make a sled with a cardboard box, trash bag and duct tape

Screenshot of a website showing a sled created using instructions from

2. Cookie sheet

If it doesn’t slide well at first, apply a light layer of cooking oil.

3. Baby pool

Turn the pool inside out so the smooth side is on the outside

4. Boogie Board

5. Baby tub

6. Lids to plastic storage containers

7. Laundry basket

8. Vinyl outdoor cushions

They work well and the cushions soften bumps

9. Cardboard

Bend the front up so it doesn’t get stuck on the snow

10. Tarp

These work best with smooth, icy surfaces

11. Smooth hubcaps

12. Inner tubes

If you have an old inner tube that has been punctured, you can cut it open and let the kids sit inside it. Even without air, the rubber still slides well.

13. Dog bed

Wrap the bed in a trash bag with duct tape

14. Shower curtain

This works best with smooth, icy surfaces

15. Trash can lids

16. Trash bags

Stick your legs inside the trash bag and then slide down the hill

17. Air Mattress

Stretch some panty hose around the sled to hold yourself on to the mattress.

18. Pallets sled

Cut a curve out from the pallet to make a better sliding surface. Here are instructions.

19. PVC sled

– Use elbow joints and caps to keep snow from getting clogged in the pipes. Screw a plywood board on top and you have yourself a sled. You can even paint the sled with spray paint and attach a length of rope to pull the sled along. Directions.

20. Ikea stool sled

One father built a classic wooden sled using 2 Ikea stools. Directions.