Nurse gets free lodging after Tijuana hotel learns she slept in van to shield family


TIJUANA (Border Report) — Silvia Rosas Saucedo works as an internal medicine nurse in Tijuana’s General Hospital, a facility overrun by COVID-19 patients.

She had turned her van into a small hotel room to avoid going home after work and possibly contaminating her family.

“My job is to offer quality care, attention and the best service to our patients and you may think this isn’t serious or real, but people are getting sick, getting this virus and I don’t want any member of my family to catch it because of me,” Rosas said.

Rosas had said she spoke with her family about this and discussed the risks. That’s when she decided to start parking her van on the hospital’s lot instead of going home.

“Yes, I’m afraid all the time, I don’t even know if I might have the virus because the first few weeks symptoms may not even show, after two weeks you would start showing symptoms. In all honesty, we don’t know if we have it,” Rosas said.

The Grand Hotel in Tijuana heard that Rosas spent weeks in her van, and hotel staff offered her and some of her colleagues free stays, an offer she says they couldn’t refuse.

“It’s a real luxury, thank you very very much,” Rosas said.

Rosas says the pampering is very much appreciated, especially after a long day’s work.

“We get suited up and go in, then we can’t go to the bathroom, drink water or eat, we have to wait till our shift if done,” Rosas said.

She said the night shift at Tijuana’s General Hospital has it even worse because they have to work 12-hour straight with no breaks.

“It is brutal and I don’t know how they do it,” Rosas said. “People need to stay home if not, they need to practice social distancing because this can happen to me and can happen to anyone.”

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