KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard is made up entirely of volunteers. Operation Honor Guard’s annual day of giving is their biggest fundraiser each year.

Stuart Hall has been a member of the East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard for nine years and the president for three years.

“We serve primarily our goal and our mission is the military honors for a deceased veteran,” Hall said.

The East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard has 32 active members.

“To do a service, we call our perfect number is a 10, we’ve heard perfect numbers being 10 before,” Hall said. “If we have more than that or less than that we can adjust what we do and how we do it.”

Hall and the other volunteers take pride in honoring those who have served our country.

“I think it’s important for any veteran that has been honorably discharged for serving his country that they should have the right and the privilege of having an honor guard perform that funeral and that’s what drives us,” Hall said.

Each service takes planning and research. Their research has even shocked family members of the person who passed away.

“Trying to find some things on his discharge paper that tell us what his job was,” Hall said. “We bring that out in our eulogy and many times the family never knew what their father, grandfather, that veteran did.”

The East Tennessee Veterans Honor Guard averages about five services a week. This year the group expects it will do 260 services.