PARROTTSVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A local congregation coming together after their church is destroyed by fire over the weekend.

The Forest Hills Baptist Church in Parrottsville went up in flames early Saturday morning.

A powerful image emerged from inside the church after that fire, a painting of Jesus survived the flames unscathed. The church covenant was also not damaged in the fire.

Church members held a prayer service Wednesday night in the church’s parsonage.

Pastor Michael Vickers says he wants the church to be rebuilt.

“When I get to heaven I don’t know who the guy was I’m going to hug his neck because whoever started the insurance policy got plenty of insurance,” Vickers said. “And so there’s enough insurance to rebuild.”

Meanwhile, the state fire marshal’s office is continuing to investigate the fire.

As for the painting that survived the fire, pastor Vickers says the church wants to give it to the Parrottsville Volunteer Fire Department.