KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A Knoxville man is concerned for his son and other neighborhood children’s safety as he sees time and time again, cars not stopping for a school bus that is letting off children.

“People have been flying by the school buses,” Steven Flannery, a Knoxville resident said.

He said this is something that happens frequently. Within days, he caught two different cases of cars illegally passing a school bus.

“When they see a bus, they don’t even pay attention to the stop sign that’s out,” Flannery said.

A Knoxville Police spokesman put out this statement:

It is absolutely imperative that drivers exercise great caution around school buses and stop for those that are actively picking up or dropping off kids. While violation of the traffic laws pertaining to school buses can result in state or city fines, the consequences can be much greater and more tragic if a driver’s inattentiveness or recklessness results in a child being hit. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep kids safe, and safely operating your vehicle around active school buses helps achieve that goal.

This problem exists even outside Knoxville. Sevierville Police posted to their Facebook page recently saying, “Stop means stop. It’s not just a bus you’re stopping for, it’s a bus full of students.”

Flannery echoed the same message. He wants drivers to know that no matter how late you are to your destination, passing a school bus isn’t worth risking a child’s life.

“It needs to stop,” he said. “There are kids throughout this neighborhood, and I just don’t want to see any of them get hurt because of some careless person.”

Knoxville Police said residents can request traffic enforcement if there are specific areas school bus violations are being seen.