Parents of Kingsport man who died from COVID-19 thankful they were able to communicate with him before he died


(WJHL) — The parents of a 20-year-old Kingsport man who died from COVID-19 say they will remember their son for his humor and musical ability.

Five days after testing positive for the virus on May 12, Scott McReynolds was admitted to a hospital and placed on a ventilator. A week later, he was transferred to a hospital in Roanoke where he spent his final 10 weeks.

A funeral was held for McReynolds on Wednesday in Bristol, Virginia.

His parents say their son was unvaccinated but they didn’t think COVID-19 would have such an impact on him because of his young age.

“Scott was very careful. He wore his mask when he was supposed to and he did all the right things,” Jeff McReynolds said. “It’s so unpredictable. That’s what scares me the most about it is that it’s just so unpredictable.”

McReynolds’ condition improved at times and he was even able to go off the ventilator for limited amounts of time. However, his situation ultimately deteriorated due to holes in his lungs and infection.

His parents said they’re thankful they were able to communicate with him prior to his death.

“He was going through so much. He had a trach so he couldn’t speak but he could mouth words to us. We got several weeks, two or three weeks there where we got to talk to him and he got to talk to us and that was a miracle from God.”

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