Peaceful demonstrators march through downtown Knoxville


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — People in Knoxville peacefully came together downtown on Monday night, calling for justice.

The group of hundreds started their peaceful protest in Krutch Park, taking a knee and singing “Amazing Grace,” before several speakers addressed the crowd.

“Justice for George Floyd. Justice for Breonna Taylor. Justice for Atatiana Jefferson, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and anybody and everybody who is a black man, woman and child who have been brutalized by an unjust system,” one speaker said.

“I am tired. Enough is enough. When will enough be enough,” said another.

Many attending had signs in hand, and told WATE 6 On Your Side the messages they’re hoping to spread.

“It’s not a black-versus-white matter, it’s a wrong-versus-right matter,” said Danica Kim. “I’m out here to protect my black neighbors, my black family and just America.”

“Justice for George Floyd, because the cop who was on his neck only got third degree murder, that isn’t enough. The other cops, all they got was fired. That’s the first thing. I want all of them to be held accountable because they are guilty by association,” said another attendee.

“The unrest that’s in the country, there’s a cause for that. And until we focus on the cause and not the effect, this will not end,” said Imani Mfalme.

The crowd then marching, walking through downtown Knoxville, eventually stopping and kneeling on North Gay Street.

“After this protest today, it’s not over. We can’t have this protest and just go home and do nothing,” one speaker told the group.

“We have to demand change, and it has to be collective change,” Mfalme said.

The event remained peaceful, just as those speaking up had intended.

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