PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WATE) — The City of Pigeon Forge Fire Department announced a new wildfire prevention campaign on Wednesday.

The fire chief, Tony Watson, says it comes in response to the wildfire hazard affecting the city and surrounding community.

“We’re just trying to raise awareness to folks, where they can make a difference in their community or their home,” Chief Watson said.

The message resonates with a Gatlinburg rental-cabin owner.

“When we do our check-ins when we’re talking to our guests on the phone, there’s several things we always mention, like if you have a fire outside, where they’re allowed, we don’t even have any cabins where there is an open fire pit,” said Pam Hill with Stoney Brook Cabins.

The Pigeon Forge Fire Department partnered with a Pennsylvania-based video production crew to make the videos.

The campaign was made possible thanks to a federal grant, and the release of the videos comes as no coincidence. The chief decided now was a good time after recently working a wildfire in Wears Valley.

“When people’s situational awareness is already up, maybe that will push them to take some action, simple things that they can do to make their home and give us more of a chance to save their home in a wildfire event,” he said. “If people look at these videos, I think they can save lives by giving them that situational awareness, number two I think it can help save their property.”

You can watch the videos on the City of Pigeon Forge Fire Department’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.