MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Workers at a Summer Avenue clothing store targeted by thieves three times over the last month are relieved police have made an arrest. It’s one of three business theft cases Memphis police have cracked in recent weeks.

Gerald Johnson, 34, is charged with burglary of a building and theft of property in a break-in on May 18 at New Trends.

New Trends on Summer Avenue

The store manager didn’t want to be identified but said the thieves got away with boxes of shoes.

Police said several suspects fled the store in a red sports car and a white F-150 pickup truck but left behind a GMC Terrain that wouldn’t start. Officers said they found Johnson’s ID, social security card, and bank card inside the vehicle.

Johnson was arrested Tuesday but has already been released on a $30,000 bond.

Gerald Johnson

This week, police also made an arrest in a smash and grab at the Wolfchase mall in late April.

Investigators said Quintaurus Harris, 33, was part of a group caught on camera smashing several display cases at the JC Penney store and stealing $30,000 worth of jewelry.

Police said a tipster identified Harris as one of the suspects after they released the video.

Quintaurus Harris

Investigators said Harris owned a GMC Envoy that matched the description of one involved in the burglary, and his girlfriend said Harris was one of the people in the video with a hammer.

She also told detectives that Harris had given her a diamond ring she knew he couldn’t afford, and they later pawned it for $500.

Police have also made at least one arrest in the December smash and grab at Bad Timing on Highland.

Four people broke into the store in the middle of the night and took at least $100,000 worth of streetwear.

The owner of the store told police after the burglary, he received a link to a Facebook post that showed a man in some of the stolen clothing.

Police said that post led them to Darnell Grayer, 28, and they found t-shirts and shoes belonging to Bad Timing at his house on Porter.

Darnell Grayer

Darnell Grayer and his twin brother Daniel are already facing charges in two burglaries at the City Gear in Frayser.

Police said the brothers were driving a lime green Infiniti that was used as a getaway car in the second break-in, and they were wearing the same clothing as the burglars in City Gear’s surveillance footage.

Employees at New Trends said, unfortunately, they’re dealing with the crime plaguing the rest of the city and much of the country.

The store now keeps its doors locked during the day and has a security guard on the floor.