KNOXVILLE (WATE) – It’s clear presidential hopefuls are in a win or lose frame of mind and chances are you’ve caught one or two campaign ads.

Tennessee wasn’t a major battleground until a few weeks ago. Presidential hopefuls are trying to slow any front-runners’ momentum and make some ground ahead of Super Tuesday.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, candidates hope a political commercial may change your mind. They have been filling the airwaves in Tennessee for the past few days.

“I was sick of it when I saw the first one,” said Tom Parkhill of Knoxville.Previous story: What to watch in Tennessee on Super Tuesday

“The candidates are looking for a place that they can break through. It’s important for Rubio and Cruz to win a state or two in the next few weeks and a couple of states the next few weeks,” said Richard Pacelle, head of the Department of Political Science at the University of Tennessee.

There’s been a noticeably negative tone throughout the campaign and in the ads. While the ads may not change who wins or loses on Tuesday, they could shift the margins.

“They work on some level in that they put in the voters’ minds these negatives about the individual and that’s why voters tend to see a lot of negative things. But it also lowers the quality of the discussion,” added Pacelle.

“Everyone else is saying, ‘I’m better than that guy.’ and that doesn’t seem like a very valid argument to me,” said Natalie Wynkoop of Oliver Springs.

“It is a standard practice of how elections are handled nowadays, whether it’s a good practice or not,” added Parkhill.

After Super Tuesday, presidential hopefuls will turn their attention elsewhere.

“We’ll be free here in Tennessee from these ads. They’ll all be in Ohio and Florida,” said Pacelle.

“I’m ready just to see who wins and move on with it,” said Wynkoop.

So far we’ve seen ads from Trump, Rubio and Cruz, though fewer political ads from Democrats. Pacelle says it’s because Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are focusing more on attacking Republicans rather than each other.

The best advice if you’re voting on Tuesday is to keep it simple and vote for who you want to be the presidential candidate. There are laws regarding political ads. Negative commercials airing are paid by Super PACS whereas if something positive airs for a candidate, it must come from their campaign fund.