KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — East Tennessee U.S. Congressional Representative Tim Burchett shared information about the high altitude object that was shot down off the Alaskan Coast on Friday.

The Associated Press reported that the “unknown object” was flying off the coast of Alaska when it was shot down on orders from the President. While public details on the object remain limited at this time, Burchett told WATE it was smaller than the balloon that was shot down the previous weekend off the coast of the Carolinas.

“It’s smaller than the last one. The last one of it was about the size of two.. the the metal part of it was two… two school buses, basically. This one is about the size of an automobile.”

While it is unclear where the flying object came from, Burchett said he thinks China is watching to see the United State’s reaction. Regardless, Burchett said he thinks that the United States has been compromised.

Burchett went on to claimed that the Chinese have been embedded in government, and it appears that the Chinese had been working toward that for a long time.

“The Chinese literally were embedded or incorporated within a United States congressman who was on the intelligence committee, the committee that’s briefed on things that me as a regular member of congress, I’m not allowed to be briefed on or a civilian, things that are very dangerous.” Burchett said. “They started with the member of Congress when he was in college, so they run that net very deep. They have a they’re playing a long game, they’re playing chess and we’re playing checkers and we have a president who is not mentally capable of making the right decisions. Or if he is, he’s compromised, that he can’t.”

Burchett also shared that he’s skeptical of Y-12’s February 8 statement that there were no attempts to gather information.

“I think that they might have some intelligence gathering that might even surprise some. You got to realize, our intelligence community they they predicted the war in Ukraine would be over in two weeks. They predicted that there would be no casualties in in in Afghanistan when we pulled out, we wouldn’t leave any apparatus or machine or people behind. We left billions of dollars worth of worth of warfare equipment there. You know, military intelligence and and our intelligence community is like congressional ethics. Neither one of them exist.”