SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — On Monday, Governor Bill Lee announced that the special session surrounding public safety will begin on Aug. 21.

Back in April, Lee called for the Tennessee General Assembly to pass an Order of Protection Bill. The bill would allow law enforcement to ask a court permission to take someone’s guns away if they showed that they are a harm to themselves or others.

The Tennessee General Assembly failed to come to an agreement in the legislative session that ended last month.

“I have asked lawmakers to consider options,” Lee said. “We’ll be working on that all summer long and I think we’ll find an answer to that.”

Tennesseans can also share their input on the topic.

“We want to hear from people all over Tennessee about what they think and how it is that we should responsibly deliver legislation that protect rights, that protects people from those who are a harm to them,” Lee said. “We need public input.”

The special session is centered around public safety. Lee wants lawmakers to work on legislation that will protect people’s second amendment rights, support law enforcement and address mental health.

“I think that there is a real wide broad agreement that we need to find a way to separate those who are danger to themselves or to others from access to weapons and protect the second amendment right for Tennesseans at the same time,” Lee said. “That is the balance and that is the strategy that we are going use going forward.”