KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The founder of Joy to the World Christmas ornaments based in Knoxville and sold around the world has jumped into a new venture, letting people take a “vacation from pain.”

It debuted at the recent  Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. From the art of making bright, beautiful Christmas collectibles to the science behind a new creation: it’s topical pain relief packaged in in little green and red jars. Founder Lisa Kelechava calls her product, “Tree Frog.”

“Tree Frog is plant-based, it’s vegan, cruelty free, it’s all natural, does not have any CBD, does not have any hemp in it. I am a true believer in using natural products if you can,” Kelechava told us.

She started thinking about the concept during one of her many trips to Costa Rica.

“I started doing some research and found that there were some ancient recipes that they used to use in the rainforest because they had no modern medicine and one of them was focused on pain relief,” she said.

What better place to debut Tree Frog than the marathon expo? Lisa’s company handed out 500 sample packets for runners with aches and pains to try.

“It’s not going to fix you if you have to have knee replacement, but if you just have workout recovery, it’s good for any kind of minor muscular pain relief,” Kelechava explained.

This product, named for the little tree frog with red eyes, and knowing Kelechava’s love for all things colorful in her Christmas collection, led us to ask: “So, are you going to make some tree frog ornaments now?”

Her answer: “That’s actually the number one question I get from people who know what I do. They say, ‘I guess we’re gonna see a frog ornament soon,’ and yes, there probably will be a little frog ornament at some point, yes,” she smiled.

Tree Frog is made in Costa Rica. The jars it’s in are eco-friendly and are made in the U.S.

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