Who’s your favorite superhero? Iron Man is at the top of many-a-list. When an East Tennessee high school student reached out to tell WATE 6 On Your Side he was building a working Iron Man costume for his senior project, we had to see it for ourselves.

Bearden High School senior Nathan Worley has the Tony Stark “Iron Man” post down-pat.

From the moveable metal arm frame that took a month to perfect, to the bicep cover, still a work in progress, to the face mask so familiar to Iron Man fans, Nathan has his blueprints for each piece ready to go.

“The next step after the arm is the main chest, so that basically ties it all together,” Nathan said.

Each part is carefully placed in a 3D printer. The process takes hours and doesn’t always go as planned. It’s a lesson in perseverance and the reality of robotics.

Nathan has earned the time to spend on this project, thanks to his grades and work ethic.

“As a kind of testament to students who do what they’re supposed to do, he’s been granted the privilege to kind of retake the course but instead of going through the curriculum again, do more of this senior capstone project that’s he’s made building this Iron Man costume,” STEM Instructor Ron Rupard said.

Nathan’s favorite Tony Stark quote sums it up best: “Sometimes you got to run before you can walk.”

Nathan must pay for the materials for his Iron Man project himself. He’s already received donations through GoFundMe but needs more to finish the project.

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