KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — SPARK, the organization known for making electronic toys easier to operate for kids with disabilities, is expanding its services by offering computers to seniors and people with disabilities.

This expansion was made possible thanks to a partnership with a Knoxville recycling company whose founder, like SPARK, has a big heart.

Morningside Gardens resident Gwen McClendon would like to play games on her donated smart tablet, but it’s stressful for her when she forgets her password. That’s where Stanley Taylor of SPARK comes in, to help McClendon and other residents learn how to open their world through electronics.

“We anticipate we’ll be going over the fundamentals over and over again. Some of its memory, some of its other reasons that they’re not comfortable with it,” Taylor said.

It’s all part of SPARK’s first senior center computer lab, just installed at Morningside Gardens last week.

Mary Thom Adams of SPARK said, “Their residents will have access to what we know about simple stuff. They want to do Facebook, they want to text, they want to know how to take pictures. The simple things that can lead to bigger things.”

The lab is filling up fast with computers that are donated or recycled, saved from the landfill thanks to Dan Scott of Scott Recycling and his new partnership with SPARK.

“Many times, when businesses upgrade, when school systems upgrade, we end up with that material,” Scott said. “We get it as a matter of course since that’s our business. Once we wipe the material, it’s as good as new, so we put it right back into the community.”

As Adams put it, “We could not have asked for a better partner than Dan Scott and his team.”

Scott simply said, “My ability to help them brings me joy, so it’s a win-win.”

It’s already making a difference for McClendon, with Stanley’s help,

“We’re just trying to be a bridge,” he said, “where we’re trying to get them comfortable, and they can have access to the world.”

Our Chief Photographer JR Woods also lent a helping hand.

Now, McClendon can open her tablet and start playing her favorite game Solitaire.

“If I’m sitting in my home with this tablet or out here, that’ll help make my stress go away because I keep my mind off of stuff and it’s a blessing, ” she said. “I appreciate y’all and I appreciate you giving it to me because I didn’t think I’d ever have one.”

SPARK is always looking for used computers, phones, and tablets from businesses, schools and individuals. For more information, visit