KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The spirit and mission of Ben Atchley Tennessee State Veterans Nursing Home in West Knoxville are to proudly serve those who served. Many of the services and programs they provide are thanks to the generosity of local businesses.

For example, one Knoxville salon provides a well-deserved pampering twice a week to several residents.

Curlers, blow dryers and other tools in the beauty business are ready at Ross the Boss, set up for residents like Linda Valentine. She looks forward to the visits.

The salon’s staff volunteer their time twice a week to make Valentine and some of the other 140 residents look and feel their best.

“You really do get to see people change the way they see themselves and it’s really powerful,” said owner Ross Badgett.

The salon is just one of many ways the veterans’ nursing home works to provide care for those who honorably served our country as well as their families. It’s grateful for companies like Ross the Boss who take the time to show they care.

“They did a ton for our community, and I think we owe them a lot,” Badgett said, “and that’s why my staff is so excited to give back. This is amazing, this is a great opportunity.”

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If you or your company would like to volunteer, there are several ways to do that. Contact the Ben Atchley Tennessee State Veterans Nursing Home at (865) 862-8100 or visit