KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — There’s a new tv show in production that is “totally geeked” to go behind the scenes with the Ice Bears.

Watching the Ice Bears in action, fans marvel at their speed and agility and now producers of the new show Totally Geeked are ‘geeked’ out about highlighting one of their favorite sports. The executive producer even has season tickets.

“Let’s get the world to know how good they really are,” said Patrick Reidy, Totally Geeked’s executive producer.

The show will highlight some of the many things that people are geeking out over. Justin Evans, the show’s host, shares his secret to a good Totally Geeked episode.

“I tell people (laughs) I know very little about a lot of things so I’m not going in completely cold but sometimes I am,” said Evans.

He’s getting ready for the literal cold. As he begins to lace up the skates, Ice bear Taylor Stefishen waiting in the wings to see what happens.

“If you’ve never played hockey before I think it’s gonna be pretty challenging — people don’t realize how much equipment we wear — obviously we’re on skates and what not so I think he’ll be a little bit wobbly on his feet to start and I think he’ll be exhausted after but I think he’ll have a pretty good time,” said Stefishen.

We’re gonna have to wait for the final cut to see what Evans does on the ice, but one thing’s for sure. This hardworking Totally Geeked crew is grateful to get to do what they’re geeked about.

“It’s traditional nerd and geek culture but people geek out over everything and we’re gonna try to capture everything,” said Evans.

As it turns out the Ice Bears are pretty geeked about it too.

“I think it’s pretty cool-obviously anytime you get the chance to be in a production be on tv I guess it’s a cool opportunity,” said Stefishen.

So far producers are keeping quiet about where Totally Geeked will be airing, but to learn more about the production, click here.