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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — For people who must take several medications every day, keeping up with dosages and schedules can be tough. Things get more complicated when you travel.

One East Tennessee pharmacy has been ahead of the curve for the past 10 years, offering a user-friendly packaging system that does away with the question, “Did I take that pill or not?”

Kellie Mathewson is both a patient and nurse practitioner, so the pre-packaged strips designed to take the guesswork out of when and how to take medication are a godsend for her and the patients she treats.

“It’s really easy to tell which are the morning ones, which are the evening ones, and then you can tell when it’s been taken,” Mathewson said.

Mac’s Pharmacy started offering the pill packaging system about 10 years ago. You can even get the pill packs on Amazon now, but Kellie says being able to get this locally is helpful.

As someone who had open-heart surgery, any issues with her medication could be devastating.

“It’s easy, convenient, and if there’s a problem I can call the pharmacy here,” Kellie said.

Mac’s Pharmacy President Mike Wilhoit walked us through how it works.

“Usually, someone has this sitting on their counter in their bathroom and in the morning if they have one dose per day or three doses per day they’ll just pull it out. However many they need for the day, rip it off, and instead of carrying around bottles all day and getting things lost and that kind of stuff, they’ve got it. They can put it in their pocket,” Wilhoit said.

Mac’s says there’s no extra charge for this service, and when you sign up, they’ll move your prescriptions to their pharmacy to synchronize the process.

It’s a convenience Kellie Mathewson is grateful to have.

If you’re interested, here’s Mac’s Pharmacy packaging hotline, (865) 273-0992. The pharmacy has several locations in East Tennessee.

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