PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WATE) — This local raven has a name similar to the famed poet, Edgar Allen Poe. Poe the Raven is a happy little guy who has a lot of followers on Instagram.

Poe is also good at shooting hoops, and you could call him, “Larry Bird.” But Poe is his name and Halloween is his favorite jam.

There’s a way the community can help him move into his new home

As Poe lets out a screech that sounds more like, “awk,” his trainer, Avian Care Specialist Ashley Frye says, “We came up with ‘Awktober’ to kind of quoth the Raven.”

People all over the world are raving about Poe.

Poe’s well on his way to becoming an Instagram influencer with 113,000 followers and counting.
“With Poe’s Instagram, it’s been great to educate people that he is quite funny and intelligent actually.”

Poe may like to play around, and he’s quite a trickster, hiding bits of food here and there, but sadly, as Edgar Allen Poe would say, “nevermore” will he get to live in the wild, due to an injured wing that keeps him from flying and a human imprint.

Like his namesake, Poe is ageless. No one knows his birthdate, but he’s been with the American Eagle Foundation since 2009, his forever home. A home that is moving soon to a big beautiful new site called Project Eagle.

Construction continues on the hundreds of acres that will house Poe and other birds of prey and offer all kinds of research and educational opportunities for kids and the community.

“Our aviaries are going to be much larger, much more viewable so the public can come see our birds in action,” Ashley said.

The American Eagle Foundation needs help to continue its mission with Project Eagle and the care of its more than 100 birds, including one of its most famous, Poe the Raven, who has different sides of the mythical, mysterious raven just like Edgar Allen Poe’s darkly famous poem.

The public is free to follow the raven on Instagram @poe_the_raven. To learn more about the foundation’s move to Project Eagle, and how you can help, visit eagles.org.