KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Dozens of children in East Tennessee have received an early Halloween surprise.

It’s not candy, it’s a free costume, thanks to 10-year-old Leighton Spencer of Rockwood, who set up a lemonade stand over the summer to raise money for Halloween costumes for those in need.

Mom Kimberly Davidson told us, “all told, we had about 75 costumes to give away. It was just fantastic!”

It all started with Leighton’s lemonade stand over the summer which brought in 520 dollars.

It was almost enough to get 75 costumes, but not quite. As Leighton and her mom were about to put back about a dozen costumes, a good Samaritan behind them in the checkout line stepped in.

As Leighton told us, “she’s a teacher at my school and she decided she would pay for all of the costumes we were giving back, so she paid for those, and we got to keep all the costumes we were going to put back.”

After a few other donations came in, the costumes were collected and brought to the Remnant Community Center in Kingston, which donated the space.

Families came in a few weeks ago and excited kids got to choose their costumes. As Leighton showed us, there are still a few available.

We asked her, “how do you feel about the good deed you did?” Leighton simply said, “good!”

Leighton learning at a young age the blessing of giving back.

The costume giveaway is over, but as we mentioned,  there are still some costumes left. If your child needs a costume, just reach out to Leighton’s mom Kimberly Campbell Davidson.