KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Three students from Little River Montessori School – Luke Miller, Isaiah Potts and Malcolm Potts – won first place for presentation at the Acton Children’s Business Fair with their cookie booth. They were tasked with developing a brand, creating a product or service, building a sales strategy, then opening for customers at the one-day marketplace.

We invited the three to the WATE studio to show us their strategy.

These aren’t just any cookies; they feature the students’ favorite amphibian – the axolotl. If customers had questions, this group was ready to answer.

“I’d say what it’s spelled like and what it is, which is a salamander that lives in Mexico,” fourth-grader Luke Miller told us.

The group strategized a plan to sell the cookies separate from the colorful icing.

“We told them, ‘That will be four dollars for a cookie, and one (dollar) for icing,'” Luke said.

“We thought it would be cute and it would kind of make your day feel a lot better,” fourth-grader Isaiah Potts added.

They had a plan for everything down to the packaging.

“We couldn’t just sell them by themselves because the table probably had germs on them,” said second-grader Malcolm Potts.

The cookies had an impact on the judges.

“I’ve got to say, the kids were really impressive and I would say business owners have a lot to be worried about,” said Jeff Williams, a vice president at U.S. Bank.

We asked the youngest of the bunch, Malcolm, what else the group thought about when coming up with a plan.

“World domination,” he said with a grin on his face.

Look out, world.

For more information about the Acton Children’s Business Fair visit their website.